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I also provide short review comments in my reading lists for some books not reviewed here.

[review] Adventures in Honey and Health   
[reviews] Anthropology and Abduction
[reviews] Abstract Approach to Practical Greek
[reviews] Adventure and Intrigue with Today's Werewolves   
[reviews] Adventure in Etruscan Myth and History
[reviews] An Adventure in Apocalyptic Science Fiction
[reviews] Advocate for the New World Christians   
[reviews] Anasazi Saving an Ancient Civilization
[reviews] Anything But Ordinary (Paul Rusesabagina)   
[reviews] Arabs:  Self-Identity and Foreign Views   
[reviews] Archaeology and Biblical History   
[reviews] Archaeology and the Biblical Texts
[reviews] Atheist Evaluates Churches   
[reviews] Authentic Portraits
[reviews] The Awe of Scientific Discovery
[reviews] Backdoor Insights into the Essene Community
[reviews] Barbarian Faith versus Safe Religion   
[reviews] Being Legally Prepared for Business   
[reviews] Beowulf and the Arab Viking   
[reviews] Biography of a Painting   
[reviews] Biological Evidence for the Human Spirit
[review] The Blues Backstory
[reviews] Blurring the Sci Fi Boundary
[reviews] Bono Live on Music and Life
[reviews] Bringing Deuteronomy to Life
[reviews] Build the Bomb and Expect the End   
[reviews] Business and Faith:  Integrating Life   
[reviews] A Captain Kirk Murder Mystery
[reviews] Capturing Hebrew Orality
[review] The Carnival of Life
[reviews] Cheese and Change:  Dealing with Trauma in Life and Business
[reviews] China and the Hebrews? – Too Much Supposition
[review] The Chinese Struggle to Become American
[reviews] Christians Started with a Greek New Testament
[reviews] Civilian Kirk Commands a non-Federation Enterprise
[reviews] Colorful, Agonizing Clydebank Culture
[reviews] Complex and Diverse Muslim Realities   
[reviews] Confused Genre   
[reviews] Constructive Life Across Species   
[reviews] Contemporary Experiences   
[reviews] Countering the Atomic Fear Factor   
[reviews] Creationism:  Contradictory Commitments of Rationalism   
[reviews] Critical Thought Construction
[reviews] A Cruel Independence
[review] Cultural Drama in Christian Beginnings
[reviews] Culture and Context: Bible Times and Our Times   
[reviews] Cultural Dynamics and Moral Responsibility in Ancient Canaan   
[reviews] Cultural Portraits from a Modern Feudal Society   
[reviews] Culture By Generation   
[reviews] Dagon and the Ark:  The Ark of the Covenant in Cultural Context
[review] Darwin and God – Different Domains of Reality   
[reviews] Dead Sea Insights and Alternatives
[reviews] The Deaf as an Ethnic Community   
[reviews] Dealing with Worldview in Business
[reviews] Death, Demons and a Second Chance
[reviews] Delay, Deception and Delivery of the Dead Sea Scrolls
[reviews] Demonic Metaphysics
[Review] Dialogue Church to Non-Church - Let's Listen   
[reviews] Dialogue on Emergence   
[reviews] Diffusion Theory: A Definitive Introduction   
[reviews] Divine Concepts Compete
[reviews] Don't Tempt the Spirits (Tony Hillerman: Sacred Clowns)
[reviews] Early Greek Ethnicity and Politics
[reviews] Eastern Focus, Western Comment
[reviews] Enlightment in and out of the American Churches
[reviews] Epistemology in Particle Physics
[reviews] Ethical Challenges of Intellectual Poverty in Modern America
[reviews] Evangelical Stereotypes and Sensitivities   
[reviews] Exotic, Vital and Dangerous:  Hunting Maneating Tigers   
[reviews] Experiencing the Future of Faith   
[reviews] Faith as Hilarious Adventure
[reviews] Faith Discovery Quest   
[reviews] Fantasies and Fictions:  Mary Magdalene as the Gaulic Christian Goddess
[reviews] Foundations for the Foundation
[TXT] Founding the Fourfold Gospel
[reviews] Funny Freedom Reality   
[reviews] Freedom and God's Love:  Philosophies of Free Will
[reviews] The Genesis Stories in their Own Context   
[reviews] Germanic Rivalry in Medieval England   
[reviews] Globalization 101   
[reviews] A Gnostic View of Jesus
[reviews] God's Trustworthiness in a Misbelieving World
[reviews] Good Intention Spoiled By Worldview
[reviews] The Gospel of Judas — Is this Really Good News?
[reviews] Gospel Time Travel
[reviews] The Gospels in their Jewish Setting
[reviews] Graduation to Reality — The Church Emerging
[reviews] Gypsies, Genetics and the Aryan Church:  Germany in 1939
[reviews] Greek Egypt
[review] Heresy Hidden in Orthodoxy   
[reviews] The Hidden Arthur Tales
[reviews] Hilarious Insights from the Township   
[reviews] Hilarious Ozark Intrigue   
[reviews] Hilarity Sounds Alarm for America
[reviews] History, Suspense and Mystery in Wales   
[reviews] History and the Future in Mark's Gospel
[TXT] History and Art in Cyprus
[reviews] A History of God
[reviews] How It Happened:  The Ruthless Takeover of a State and a Nation
[review] Human Identity as a Commercial Commodity   
[reviews] If the South Had Won
[reviews] Incomplete Case
[reviews] Indigenous Asian Expressions of Christian Faith
[reviews] Integrating Mind and Spirit with Body and Emotion   
[reviews] Interdisciplinary Insights on Learning and Knowing   
[reviews] Intuitive Trading with the Right Brain   
[reviews] Islam, A Realistic and Sympathetic Portrait
[reviews] It's OK Not to Know Everything
[reviews] Jesus and Egytian Judaism   
[reviews] Jesus and the Jewish Resurrection
[reviews] The Jesus Hidden by the Church   
[reviews] Jesus' Openly Secret Teachings   
[reviews] Jewish Analysis of Christian Beginnings with Paul
[reviews] Judas:  Historical Streams and Textual Themes
[review] "Image of God" - Its Practical Meaning   
[reviews] Jubilee Now!
[reviews] Justice and Vengeance in Dante's Medieval World
[reviews] Karma and Christ:  A Dialogue   
[reviews] Keeping It Real:  Examining the Logic Behind Biblical Text Skepticism   
[reviews] Kingmaking Media   
[reviews] Laughter and Pathos Across Cultures   
[reviews] Liberal Protestantism:  History and Personality
[reviews] Living Out the Authentic Story   
[reviews] Losing the Way in the Permanent Campaign
[reviews] Lost and Found   
[reviews] Luke as the Dynamic Drama of Good News   
[reviews] Mapping Human Origins
[reviews] The Master Communicator   
[reviews] Maturing Dead Sea Scrolls Scholarship
[reviews] The Medieval Mind of Europe
[reviews] Meeting a Founding Father   
[reviews] Migration, Ethnicity and Economics
[review] Mind and Will in Psychology and Neurology
[review] Mind, Brain and Reason – Why Physicalism Does not Support Reason   

[reviews] The Ministry of Presence
[reviews] Mistitled and Misfocused   
[reviews] Modern Celtic Delights and Insights   
[reviews] More about More Speculation
[reviews] More Fantasies and Fictions:  Mary Magdalene and an Epic of Scholarly Sleight-of-Hand
[reviews] More Oral than We Knew:  The Oral Nature of the Gospels
[reviews] More Speculation about Angels
[reviews] Mountain Culture Characters   
[reviews] More than Music   
[reviews] Movies, Murder, Madness
[reviews] Music, Race and Society
[reviews] Musical Meditation for Christmas
[reviews] Muslim and Christian:  Comparing the Paths
[reviews] Mystical Insights
[reviews] Mystical Perspectives   
[reviews] Mysticism and Christian Unity
[reviews] Mysticism, the Wound of Knowledge
[reviews] Myth and Morality in Modern Science
[reviews] Near-Death Confirms Life Beliefs?
[reviews] A New Testament Window into First Century Jewish Literature
[reviews] No Longer a Victim:  Financial Knowledge, Enabling Power
[reviews] Nuclear Proliferation for the Rich and For the Poor   
[reviews] Obama:  Keeping Him Accountable   
[reviews] Official Murder in the Australian Northland   
[reviews] The Old New World - The Old Kingdoms and Peoples of the Americas
[reviews] The Oldest Prose Narrative in the World
[reviews] One Continent, Three Siblings   
[review] One Name, Two Lives   
[reviews] Oral Greek Styles in Paul's Writings
[reviews] The Other America:  Life on the Streets   
[reviews] Our Genetic Journey
[reviews] Out-of-Body Travel
[reviews] Pastoral Teaching in the High Methodist Tradition
[reviews] A Phenomenology of Jesus
[reviews] Physics and Faith: A Logical Approach to an Irrational Objection   
[review] Poe:  The Foundation of Modern Crime Forensics
[reviews] Postmodern Challenges to a Rising Evangelicalism
[reviews] Postmodernism — The Church's Challenge and Opportunity   
[reviews] The Pope and Peter Revised
[review] Practical Peace   
[reviews] Practical Realities in North African Muslim Societies   
[reviews] The Practical Unity of the Church
[reviews] Practicing the Presence of God
[reviews] Pre-History of the World's Favorite Mystery Island
[reviews] Principalities and Powers:  Notes On Demonic Hierarchies
[reviews] Progressive Foundations for Postmodern Christianity
[reviews] The Psalms as Music and Prophecy
[reviews] Psychic Memories Through Time
[reviews] Quanah - The Last Comanche Chief
Quantum Physics Experiment Searches for the Soul
[reviews] Quantum Space Travel
[reviews] Rahner's Dynamic and Practical Thought: Some Reflections on the Dynamic of Relationship in Modern Theology
[review] Rationalism, Natural Religion and Tolerance
[Review] The Real Causes of "Islamic "Religious Violence"   
[review] The Real World in Their Heads  
[review] Real-Life Church in the Lower East Side   
[reviews] A Real-Science Time Travel Plan!
[reviews] Reclaiming Islam from the Hijackers: The Real Islam Stands Up   
[reviews] Reclaiming Pleasure   
[reviews] Reclaiming the Greek Heritage:  A Modern Mathematical Philosophy
[review] Recovering a Heritage   
[reviews] Recurring Classic of Western Christian Mysticism
[reviews] Refreshing Current Outlook on the Old Testament
[reviews] Regaining Credibility for Christianity
[reviews] Resources for Diversity
[reviews] Restoration in Place of Rejection   
[reviews] Rethinking Hell
[review] The Revelation of Comfort and Hope   
[review] Revolution Already Underway   
[reviews] The Rich, Persistent Centre
[reviews] Rome as a Business Conglomerate:  Reflections on History and Modern Business   
[reviews] Saddam's Secrets
[review] Saint Francis
[reviews] Saved without the Overt Gospel? — A Deep Analysis
[reviews] Sci Fi Foundations of Space Science
[reviews] Science and the Supernatural
[reviews] Science, Magick and Faith in Hollywood   
[reviews] Self-Concepts of Race in South Africa   
[reviews] Searching for Identity
[TXT] Self and the World, Knowing Reality   
[reviews] "Self-Help" that Says "It's Not About You"!
[reviews] Semi-Gnostic, Semi-Christian, Semi-Islamic Gospel
[reviews] The Shack:  a Realization of Relationship and Revelation   
[reviews] Sharing the Wealth   
[reviews] Shatner's Cyber-Tech World of Crime
[Review] Side Trip through the Roman Empire   
[reviews] Souls from Science
[reviews] South African Spirituality
[reviews] Spirit World in Cultural Comparisons
[reviews] Spiritual Depth in African Encounters
[reviews] Split-Rapture Recent Origins Exposed
[review] St Arbucks:  the Gospel of Connection
[TXT] St Francis:  Conversion and Disappointment
[review] Starshine Justice   
[reviews] A Sufi Muslim Musician Suffers for His Faith
[reviews] Sumerians, Arabs and the Invading Coalition   
[review] Surfing and Sliding:  Media in Elections
[review] Sympathetic Conversion   !
[reviews] Sympathetic Insights Towards Traditional Worldviews
[review] Taliban Trap, Terror and Torture
[reviews] Testimony of Joyous Survival   
[reviews] Textual Themes and Language Variations in the late Prophets
[reviews] Texas Roots in American Music
[reviews] Thessalonica, Qumran and the Cult of the Emperor
[review] The Thrilling Challenge of Business and Merger   
[reviews] Time as Experience and Idea
[reviews] Too Honest for the White House
[reviews] Toward a Realistic and Moral Capitalism
[reviews] The Trampled Rose Garden
[reviews] Transplanting a Culture
[reviews] Trapped By Travel
[reviews] The Trials of Peace for St Francis
[reviews] Uncovering the Hidden Kingdom   
[reviews] A Unique Cultural Approach to Sin
[reviews] Umbanda, Spirits and Demons and Christianity
[reviews] Venda Homeland under Apartheid
[reviews] Victory out of Despair
[reviews] A View of Africa
[reviews] The Watchers are Judged
[reviews] We Are Us
[reviews] We Should Already Know This
[reviews] Weird Physics
[reviews] What Did You Say This Book is About?
[reviews] What Does the Text Say?   
[reviews] What's the Good Word?   
[reviews] When They Haven't Heard
[reviews] White Man in a Cape Town Township
[review] Why is this Happening?
[review] Why Wicca is So Attractive
[reviews] Wishful Thinking in a New Age
[reviews] Worldview, Ethnicity and Social Dynamics in African Politics
[reviews] Worldview in the Disciplines
[review]Yeshua - The Jewish Character of the Early Church and Jesus' Teachings
[reviews] Yoruba Religion in the Americas
[reviews] Zimbabwe Safari in Geneaology and History

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