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The Thrilling Challenge of Business and Merger
Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins
A review of the book by Ralph De La Vega
Obstacles Welcome: Turn Adversity to Advantage in Business and Life (Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2009.  262p.)

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De la Vega details the process of combining Cingular Wireless with AT&T wireless into the largest wireless phone company in the world.  He in effect provides a journal of his involvement and his engagement with the companies and personalities and government agencies involved.

He writes with an engaging story-telling style, but still leaves the reader feeling satisfied on the historical and financial levels.  De la Vega provides insights into how mergers happen, how they are managed by the government regulatory agencies, and how planning and advertising fits in.

It was interesting to learn how the whole process is handled when two national companies merge their whole operation and streamline their services.  De la Vega goes over the technical challenges involved, also, in combining their hardware networks, towers, switching centers and customer services center.

An interesting aspect was how the two companies focused their advertising to inform and prepare their customers of the coming changes.  The smooth step-by-step campaign had to worked out carefully to coordinate the systems and ads of the two separate companies as they approached official merger.

This all had to start well before approval of the merger, but could not legally assume the merger would be approved.  They could not use language or brands in ads that implied a merger had already taken place.  So there were legal considerations in how these separate company ad campaigns were conducted.

Yet their services and products had to be focused and aligned as they approached the merger, so a smooth transition could take place when the two companies, with their separate brands and subsidiaries, merged into the new company with unified brands, products and services.

De la Vega keeps it interesting as he lays out the factors involved in the ongoing advertising and income stream of the two companies before and while the merger is happening, and how the marketing for both entities prepared the public for the new company and products envisioned.

He provides rich background into family history and other personalities in the company and business world to suggest practical strategies for dealing with life challenges.  This is very enlightening in regard to recent American business life and technology as well as the multicultural challenges of working in a global market in today's world.

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Reviewed on Amazon 30 December 2011
Developed for Thoughts and Resources 30 January 2012

Orville Boyd Jenkins, EdD, PhD
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