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[The Qaba in Mecca] Introductory Course on Islam:
Two books, 4 Presentations

[TXT]Concerns with the Lighthouse Lambast:
            A Response to an Attack on Major
           Christian Mission Movements
[TXT]Denominations, Doctrines and Fellowship
[TXT]Eastern Orthodoxy
    PPtView or Download a visual
           presentation on Eastern Orthodoxy
[TXT]Historical Notes on Islam
[TXT]Identities and Attitudes in Culture and Religion    
[TXT] Indigenous Churches – an Adventure of Discovery:
   Baptist Church Status among the Keekonyokie Maasai of Suswa, Kenya   
[TXT]Relationships Between the Religions
[TXT]Religion as Culture
[TXT]The Yezidis — An Angelic Sect
[TXT]What is a Cult?
[TXT]Polity, Funding and Authority in Southern Baptist Life

[series] Theology and Christian Faith
[series] Christianity and World Religions
[series] Reflections:  Meditations on Life Concepts

[series] OBJ Introduction

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