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Some Other Sites Where Some of My Profiles Have Been Republished

!Kung – Go and Proclaim

Afar – Discussion list, Reposted in full

Afrikaners – Trigo Peneirado

Beja (extract) – Geometry.Net

Borana (shortened, excerpts – World Mission Centre

Coloureds (old version) – mixedfolks.org

Datooga – safarilands.org

Dinka - Twic Freedom Time News

Dinka - Twic Freedom Time News

Datooga of Tanzania at Pray Africa

Dorobo – ogiek.org

Dorobo (extract) – Geometry.Net

Fur on Fur Advocacy Site

Gabbra – World Mission Centre

Gwikwe (portions) – World Mission Centre

Jains of Kenya – Jainology

Kurds (extract)– Geometry.Net

Lomwe – By His Grace

Lomwe (Summary version) - Indigenous Knowledge Project – By His Grace

Luhya – Abeingo Community Network

Mbarakwengo – World Mission Centre

Me'en, Mekan of Ethiopia Ethnic People Profile

Meru - Wikipedia most of the text is from mine

Mukogodo (extract) – Geometry.Net

Munyoyaya – World Mission Centre

Nubi – World Mission Centre

Orma – World Mission Centre

Rendille – World Mission Centre

Sakuye – World Mission Centre

Sandawe – Topica

Sandawe – World Mission Centre

Shangaan – By His Grace

Shirazi (Swahili) – World Mission Centre

Somali – madhibaan.org reposted – Feature Profile of this ethnic site

Somalis in Kenya – Islam Kenya Blogspot Repost

Sukuma – World Mission Centre

Tswa – By His Grace

Turkana –World Mission Centre

Xhosa – much text from OBJ profile

Xhosa – SchoolNet SA (their sidelinks are invalid)

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