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In 2003, besides new books I bought, I began going through my library and systematically reading books I had bought over the last three decades, but had not read or had read only portions:  Some I had read, but reread in this new reading plan.

Finished (82)

Allen, Clifton J. The Broadman Bible Commentary, Vol. 1, General Articles, Genesis-Exodus. Nashville: Broadman Press, 1969. 472p. Received 1971. Begun June 2003. Reading gradually with other sources in a study of Genesis. General Articles and Genesis finished 7 March 2004.  Exodus finished 22 August 2004.  Faith and Life

Barnett, Betty. Friend Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team that Lasts. Seattle, Washington: YWAM Publishing, 2003. 73p. Received 5 December 2003. Begun 6 February 2004, finished 20 February 2004.  General

Bede. A History of the English Church and People. NY: Barnes and Noble, 1993. 351p. Bought and begun March 2003.  Resumed 11 September 2004, finished 18 September 2004.  History

Bloom, Harold and David Rosenberg.  The Book of J.  NY:  Vintage Books, 1990.  335p.  (Two Jewish scholars attempt to reproduce what is thought to be the oldest line of narrative in the Old Testament, thought to have been written by an author who exclusively used the name Yahweh (Javeh) for the Hebrew God.  Bloom provides historical and textual introduction to the study and biblical studies in general, and comments on the translation by Rosenberg.)  Bought July 2004 in Irving, Texas.  Theology and Religion

Blum, Ralph H.  The Book of Runes -- A Handbook for the Use of the Ancient Oracle:  The Viking Runes.  NY:  St. Martins Press, 1993.  153p.  Bought October 2004.  Read 24-25 December 2004.  Theology and Religion


Blum, Ralph H.  The Healing Runes.  NY:  St. Martins Press, 1995.  156p.  Bought October 2004.  Read 21-24 December 2004.  Science and Faith


Boas, Franz.  Introduction to Handbook of American Indian Languages (1911); joint volume with J. W. Powell.  Indian Linguistic Families of America North of Mexico (1891).  Lincoln, Nebraska:  University of Nebraska Press, 1991.  221p plus 5p front matter.  Bought April 2001.  Portions read 2001.  Resumed 13 September 2004.   Finished 23 September 2004.  Peoples and Cultures


Boyes, Jon and S. Piraban. A Life Apart: Viewed from the Hills. Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand: Silkworm Books, 1992. 215p. (Interviews on culture and customs of the 6 Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand.) Bought in Thailand September 2001. Begun 22 March 2004, finished 31 March 2004.  Peoples and Cultures

Braude, Joseph.  The New Iraq.  NY:  Basic Books (Perseus), 2003.  204p plus 15p prologue.  Bought December 2003.  Begun reading 23 September 2004, finished 26 September 2004.  History (Peoples and Cultures)

Brierly, Peter.  The Tide is Running Out:  What the English Church Attendance Survey Reveals.  256p.  London:  Christian Research, 2000.  Bought in Thailand September 2001.  Begun 25 August 2004, finished 6 September 2004.  Culture and Trends


Brueggemann, Walter. Genesis: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching. Atlanta: John Knox Press, 1982. 380p. Bought 1998. (Focuses on covenant theology in application to the Christian faith community, referencing form and literary criticism, but emphasizing the form and meaning of the Genesis stories as they come to us.)  Begun June 2003.  Read gradually with other sources in a study of Genesis. Finished 20 February 2004.  Faith and Life

Cairns, Earle E. Christianity through the Centuries: A History of the Christian Church. Grand Rapids: Academie Books (Zondervan), 1981. 487p. Received 2001. Portions read 2001.  Resumed September 2004.  Finished 10 September 2004  History

Capturing the Next Generation for Missions (Evangelical Missions Quarterly, October, 2003, Vol 39, No 4).  Wheaton, Illinois:  Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College.  128p.  (Some good perspectives on the worldview and communication styles of the new generation.  Draws on western generational models, but with good cross-cultural information and some good essays dealing with other cultures.  Good critical book reviews give a view of current literature.)  Received December 2003.  Begun 15 November 2004.  Finished 30 November 2004. Culture and Trends

Charters, Samuel. The Roots of the Blues. NY: Perigree Books, 1981. 151p. (Research into the musical and cultural roots of the blues in West Africa.  Additionally, great travelogue and insightful reflections on African culture!)  Bought 1984. Started in 2003.  Periodic Reading.  Finished 13 May 2004.  Peoples and Cultures (Music)

Chhopel, K.  Christianity in Bhutan.  Bhutan:  Sharchhokpa Christian Fellowship, 2004.  Borrowed and begun 24 November 2004.  Finished 8 December 2004.  Theology and Religion

Churton, Tobias.  The Gnostics.  NY:  Barnes and Noble, 1997.  176p, plus 5p front matter.  (A Review of the Nag Hammadi scrolls of Gnostic literature found in 1945 in Egypt.  Includes history of the find and scholarship on the scrolls.)  Bought March 2003.  Read 13-17 October 2004.  History (Peoples and Cultures)

Collins, John C. and Robert A. Kupler, eds.  Religion in the Dead Sea Scrolls (in the series Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature).  Grand Rapids:  Eerdmans, 2000.  152p.  (An excellent summary and critical analysis of the themes of religious belief and practice found in the full Dead Sea Scrolls collection.  Excellent comparative and critical discussions on theories and other studies being done.)  Bought 4 October 2004.  Begun 11 October 2000  Finished 22 October 2004.  Theology and Religion

Craughwell, Thomas J., ed. The Wisdom of the Popes. NY: St. Martin's Press, 2000.  231p.  Bought 2003, Calgary, Alberta. Begun 24 May 2004, finished 30 May 2004.  Faith and Life

Davies, Paul. The Mind of God: The Scientific Basis for a Rational World. NY: Touchstone, Simon and Schuster, 1993. 232p. Bought January 2003.  Begun 28 June 2004, finished 3 July 2004.  Science

de Chardin, Teilhard.  The Divine Milieu.  NY:  Harper and Row, 1968 (revised edition).  155p.  Bought December 2003.  Begun 11 June 2004, finished 19 June 2004.  Science and Faith

de Hartog, Leo. Genghis Khan, Conqueror of the World. NY: Barnes and Noble Books, 1989. 193p. Bought 2002. Portions read in 2002, 2003, periodic reading. Finished 10 January 2004.  History

Dembski, William A. Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between Science and Technology. Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press, 1999. 279p.  Bought November 2003.  Begun 6 November 2004.  Finished 20 November 2004.  Science (Epistemology)

Demy, Timothy and Gary P. Stewart.  In the Name of God.  Understanding the Mindset of Terrorism.  Eugene, Oregon.  Harvest House Publishers, 2002.  208p.  Bought 4 October 2004.  Read 7-10 October 2004.  Culture and Trends

der Partog, Gwynneth.  Byzantine and Medieval Cyprus.  a Guide to the Monuments.  Nicosia:  Interworld Publications, 1995.  281p.  (The author successfully meets her goal to "bridge the gap between detailed specialist publications and general guides."  Well illustrated.  See my review of this book on this website and on Amazon.com.)  Bought in 2001 in Nicosia.  Portions read 2001, 2002.  Resumed October 25 October 2004. Finished 12 November 2004.  Peoples and Cultures (History)


Einstein, Albert. The Theory of Relativity and other Essays. NY: MJF Books, 1950. 73p. Bought March 2003. Started 25 January 2004, finished 26 January 2004.  Science

Eker, T. Harv. Speedwealth. North Vancouver, BC: Peak Potentials Publishing, 1996. 74p. (Techniques for responsible financial management.) Bought 30 November 2003. Read 1 February 2004.  Business

Finklestein, Israel and Neil Asher Silberman.  The Bible Unearthed. NY: Touchstone (Simon and Schuster), 2001. 353p. (A detailed analysis of the history of Israel and Judah in the Bible compared with the latest archaeological evidence. Has excellent appendices on the history of various theories and special topics in the subject. Detailed, articulate and critical reconstruction of culture, political relationships and religious trends, using biblical and extra-biblical sources. Also an extensive bibliography of relevant sources, in a general list, then a specific list by chapters for each topic covered.  See my review of this book on this website.)  See this book with my review on Amazon.com.) Bought and begun November 2003. Resumed in January 2004, finished 31 January 2004.  Peoples and Cultures (History)

Forbes, Jack D.  Apache, Navaho and Spaniard. Norman, Oklahoma.  University of Oklahoma Press, 1960.  285p plus 17p front matter.  Bought 17 July 2004 in Irving, Texas.  Begun 24 July 2004, finished 10 August 2004.  Peoples and Cultures

Friedman, Richard Elliot. Who Wrote the Bible? San Francisco: Harper San Francisco (Harper Collins), 1997 (1987). 285p. Bought August 2003.  Read 23-25 October 2004.  History

Fritzsch, Harald. The Curvature of Spacetime. NY: Columbia University Press, 1996. 311p. (Quantum Physics considerations for a theory of spacetime.) Bought 2002, periodic reading begun in 2003. Finished 17 January 2004.  Science

Froise, Margaret, ed.  South Central Africa (MARC series World Christianity).  Monrovia, California.  MARC, 1991.  164p.  Bought in 1996 in Nairobi, Kenya.  Portions read previously in research on certain countries.  Resumed 27 July 2004.  Book finished 07 July 2004.  Peoples and Cultures

Geyer, Alan.  Ideology in America:  Challenges to Faith.  Louisville, Kentucky.  Westminster John Knox Press, 1997.  133p.  ("A foremost ethicist challenges conservative ideologies."  See my review of this book on this website.  See this book with my review on Amazon.)  Bought 4 November 2004.  Read 5-6 November 2004.  Culture and Trends

Gould, Stephen Jay.  Rocks of Ages.  NY:  Library of Contemporary Thought (Ballentine), 1999.  222p.  Bought October 2004.  Read 25-26 December 2004.  Science and Faith


Gowan, Donald E.  The Triumph of Faith in Habakkuk. NY: Atlanta John Knox Press, 1976. 124p. Bought 1982. Read 1-3 June 2004.  Faith and Life

Grant, Michael.  Jesus:  An Historian's Review of the Gospels.  NY:  Charles Scribner's Sons, 1997.  264p.  (See my review of this book on this website and on Amazon.com.)  Bought 1981.  Begun 12 December 2004, finished 20 December 2004.  History (Faith and Life)

Grant, Robert M. and David Noel Freedman.  The Secret Sayings of Jesus.  NY:  Barnes and Noble, 1960.  198p.  (The Gnostic apocryphal Gospel of Thomas.  Includes 116 pages of critical introduction and historical backgrounds.  See my review of this book on this website.  See this book with my review on Amazon.com.)  Bought March 2003.  Read 3-5 October 2004.  Theology and Religion

Graves, Robert and Raphael Patai. Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis. NY:  Greenwich House, 1964. 296p. (Good correlation of Genesis stories and themes with other contemporaneous peoples in the area, including the Greeks and Persians, as well as with later Jewish fanciful legends.  See my review of this book on this website and on Amazon.com.)  Bought 1985. Portions read April 2003.  Resumed 7 May 2004, finished 11 May 2004.  Peoples and Cultures

Green, Joey, ed. Jesus and Muhammad: The Parallel Sayings. Berkeley, California: Seastone, 2003. 177p. Bought November 2003. Begun 3 April 2004, finished 5 April 2004.  Theology and Religion

Hall, Christopher A. Learning Theology with the Church Fathers. Downer's Grove, Illinois: Intervarsity Press, 2002. 273p. Bought June 2003. Read periodically in 2003. Finished 1 April 2004.  Theology and Religion

Haney, David.  Journey into Life.  Memphis, Tennessee:  Brotherhood Commission, SBC, 1987.  72p.  (A spiritual growth study, in the format of 11 small group sessions.)  Received 6 July 2004.  Begun 1 August, finished 16 August 2004.  Faith and Life

Hawking, Stephen W. A Brief History of Time. NY: Bantam Books, 1988. 187p. Bought 1989.  Begun 29 August 2004, finished 6 September 2004.  Science

Hefley, James C. Country Music Comin' Home. Hannibal, Missouri: Hannibal Books, 1995. 260p. Received as a gift, perhaps early 2003. Some read in early 2003, began reading again in January 2004. Finished 13 January 2004.  Faith and Life

Herring, Ralph, Frank Stagg, et. al. How to Understand the Bible. Nashville: Broadman Press, 1974. 188p. Begun January 2004. Finished 21 March.  Faith and Life

Hinchcliff, Peter. Cyprian of Carthage and the Unity of the Christian Church. London: Geoffrey Chapman, 1974. 130p. Bought 1984. Much of it read in 2001. Finished 15 January 2004.  History

Jeffrey, Grant R. Creation: Remarkable Evidence of God's Design. Toronto: Frontier Research Publications, 2003. 275p. Bought November 2003. Begun 11 May 2004, finished 16 May 2004.  Science and Faith

Johnstone, Patrick and John Hanna and Marti Smith, eds.  Praying Through the Window III, The Unreached Peoples.  Seattle, Washington:  YWAM Publishing, 1996.  111p.  (I was one of the preview editors of this book, and have read portions of it previously, but had never read the book straight through.)  Bought 1998.  Begun 17 August 2004, finished 24 August 2004.  Peoples and Cultures

Jones, Laurie Beth.  Jesus CEO:  Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership.  NY:  Hyperion Books, 2004.  318p.  Bought 29 April 2004.  Begun 30 April 2004, finished 4 May 2004.  Faith and Life

Kaziev, Shapi, ed., A. Wassiliev, trans. Daghestan. Moscow: Echo of the Caucus Magazine, 1997. 104p. Received February 2002, in Ephesus, Turkey. Portions read 2003. Whole book read 26-27 April 2004.  Peoples and Cultures

Kimball, Dan. The Emerging Church:  Vintage Christianity for New Generations. Old Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2003. 266p. (Kimball analyzes the characteristics of the current American culture and the emerging generation.  He proposes specific practical approaches in communication and worship style that will help the churches bridge the worldview gap that exists between the church culture and the general society.  See my review of this book on this website.  See this book with my review on Amazon.)  Borrowed and begun reading 22 August 2004.  Finished 27 August 2004.  Faith and Life (Culture and Trends)

Kirvan, John J., ed. The Infallibility Debate. NY: Paulist Press, 1971. 152p. (A discussion of the doctrine of infallibility in the Roman Catholic Church, specifically focusing on the disagreement over the question between two prominent theologians, Hans Kung and Karl Rahner.) Bought 1980. Read 12-23 April 2004.  Theology and Religion

Lloyd-Sidle, Patricia and Bonnie Sue Lewis, eds. Teaching Mission in a Global Context. Louisville, Ky: Geneva Press, 2001. 151p. Bought December 2003.  Read 3-8 July 2004.  Theology and Religion (Faith and Life)

Lucarini, Dan.  Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement. Darlington, England:  Evangelical Press, 2003.  144p.  (Lucarini details the problems he began to see in the Christian music group with which he sang and others he observed.  These were matters of moral failures, personal pride, often connected with an immature and unprofessional attitude, negative attitudes within the music team, a drift into drugs on road tours and moral problems between members of the band.  He mistakenly concludes that the problem is the music itself, rather than the people.  This book launches his misguided and illogical attack on this style of music.  See my review of this book on this website.  See my review of the book on Amazon)  Bought November 2003.  Read 7-11 June 2004.  Culture and Trends

Marrow, Stanley B. The Words of Jesus in our Gospels: A Catholic Response to Fundamentalism. NY: Paulist Press, 1979. 147p. Bought 1982.  Begun 27 September 2004, finished 3 October 2004.  Theology and Religion

McGrath, Alister.  Glimpsing the Face of God:  The Search for Meaning in the Universe.  Grand Rapids:  Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2002.  123p.  Bought 4 October 2004.  Read 5-6 October 2004.  Science and Faith


Mckinnon, John, ed. The Hill Tribes of Thailand. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Tribal Research Institute, 1998. 79p. Bought in Thailand 2001. Small portion read 2003. Book read 6 April 2004.  Peoples and Cultures

Napper, Joyce. Christianity in the Middle East. Larnaca, Cyprus: Middle East Christian Outreach, 1992. 64p. Bought in Cyprus 2000. Portions read 2000. Book reread 29 March - 2 April 2004.  Theology and Religion

Negroponte, Nicholas.  Being Digital.  NY:  Vintage Books, 1995.  247p.  Bought in Irving, Texas, 17 July, 2004. Read 21-23 July 2004.  Culture and Trends

Niditch, Susan.  Oral World and Written Word:  Ancient Israelite Literature.  Louisville:  Westminster John Knox Press, 1996.  134p plus 3p front matter.  (14 pages of endnotes and a 12-p bibliography provide excellent documentation and guidance for further study on orality in ancient Hebrew culture and scriptures.)  Bought July 2003 in Irving, Texas.  Begun 17 October 2004.  Finished 23 October 2004.  Peoples and Cultures

No author. Chiang Mai and the Hill Tribes. Bangkok: Sangdad Publications, 2000. 121p. Bought in Thailand September 2001. Portions previously read. Whole book reread, finished 28 February 2004.  Peoples and Cultures

No author. The Children of Ishmael. No place (ishmaelchild@hotmail.com): The Children of Ishmael, no date. 183p. (Testimonies of Muslims who became believers in Jesus Christ. No names or identities are given.) Bought June 2003 at Taylor University, Indiana. Begun 18 January 2004, finished 21 January 2004.  Theology and Religion

Ohlig, Karl-Heinz. Why We Need the Pope:  The Necessity and Limitations of Papal Primacy. St. Meinrad, Indiana:  Abbey Press, 1975. 152p.  (Includes a good critical study of the history and gradual development of the Papacy, and finds the first historical roots for a claim to Papal primacy and infallibility in the 900s.  He proposes the pope's role as a non-juridical symbol of unity.  (See my complete review of this book on this website.)  Bought 1983.  Begun 1 May 2004.  Theology and Religion

Pickover, Clifford A. Surfing through Hyperspace. NY: Oxford University Press, 1999. 236p. (Scientific theories of multiple physical dimensions of reality.) Bought May 2002. About read in 2002. Resumed 1 April 2004, finished 3 April 2004.  Science

Piper, John. The Passion of Jesus Christ. Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books, 2004. 122p. Received 5 April 2004. Read 7-10 April 2004.  Faith and Life


Radford, Ruby L.  Many Paths to God.  Wheaton, Illinois:  Theosophical Publishing House, 1970.  131p.  (Summary of the major religions of the world.)  Bought 19 April 2002.  Begun 24 May 2004, finished 27 May 2004.  Theology and Religion


Riddlebarger, Kim.  A Case for Amillennialism.  Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2003. 246p.   November 2003. Begun 8 July 2004, finished 20 July 2004  Theology and Religion.


Reavis, Ralph.  Virginia Union and Virginia Seminary:  African Americans and Higher Education in Virginia 1867-1927.  Lynchburg, Va:  Virginia University of Lynchburg, 1998.  131p plus 30p front matter.  Bought March 2003.  Finished 27 November 2004. History


Robinson, James M. The Problem of History in the Book of Mark and other Marcan Studies. Philadelphia:  Fortress Press, 1982.  133p.  (See my review of this book on this website.  See my review on Barnes and Noble and buy used copies of this book.)  Bought 1984.  Begun 01 December 2004.  Finished 11 December 2004.   History (Theology and Religion)


Robinson, John A. T. Can We Trust the New Testament? London: Mowbrays, 1977. 134p. Bought in Nairobi, Kenya, and partially read 1977.  Rereading begun 21 June 2004, finished 27 June 2004.  Faith and Life

Ryan, David D.  Four Days in 1865:  The Fall of Richmond.  Richmond:  Cadmus Marketing, 1993.  Bought 15 July 2004.  Read 19-20 September 2004.  History

Schick, Edwin A.  Revelation - the Last Book of the Bible.  Philadelphia:  Fortress Press, 1977.  77p.  Bought 1980.  Read 12 December 2004.  Theology and Religion


Sevener, Harold. Israel's Glorious Future: The Prophecies and Promises of God Revealed. Charlotte, NC, and Kfar Saba, Israel: Chosen People Ministries (BeitSar Shalom), 1996. 83p. (A well-written, though highly stylized, expression of very sloppy reading and exegesis of selected Old Testament passages, connected by a pre-determined historical schema of a political state of Israel, presenting a highly-structured timeline premillennial scenario.) Bought 8 April 2004. Read 10-11 April 2004.  Theology and Religion


Sinsawasdi, Narong. Souls and the Universe: A Scientific Enquiry. Bangkok, Thailand: Oriental Scholar Promotion Ltd, 2001. 270p. (See my review essay on this site.  This book appears not to be available on Amazon.com or other online sources.)  Bought in Thailand 2001. Begun 14 May 2004, finished 21 May 2004.  Science and Faith

Stark, Mike.  Black Sabbath:  An Oral History.  NY: Harper entertainment (Harper Collins), 2002.  115p.  (Transcripts of interview statements of members of the band, journaling the history.  Includes a lot of music history information, including other bands.)  Bought 21 May 2004.  Read 22-23 May 2004.  Culture and Trends

Strauch, Alexander. Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership. Littleton, CO: Lewis and Roth, 1995. 324p. Bought and begun November 2003.  Resumed 30 May 2004, finished 8 June 2004.  Culture and Trends (Faith and Life)

Strobel, Lee. S  Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 1993.  236p.  (Some good insights on the worldview and lifestyle of the current generation of non-Christian people in the United States.  The author encourages the church to focus on communication and perceptions of the surrounding community and culture, rather than maintaining forms simply because they are comfortable for the "churched.")  Borrowed.  Read 21-22 September 2004.  Culture and Trends

Stuhlmacher, Peter.  Historical Criticism and Theological Interpretation of Scripture.  Philadelphia:  Fortress Press, 1980.  91p.  Bought 1980.  Read 30-31 December 2004.  Theology and Religion


Tiessen, Terrance L. Who Can Be Saved?:  Reassessing Salvation in Christ and World Religions. Downer's Grove, Illinois: Intervarsity Press, 2004. 511p. (30-page preview excerpt, containing concept and statement of 30 theses on the topic stated in the title.  See my review of the full book on Amazon, or my review on this website.)  Read March 2004.  Theology and Religion


Ware, James H.  Heart Sing:  Morning Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving.  Pensacola, Florida:  Adara House Publishers, 1997.  369p.  (This is a one-year collection of daily prayer meditations, written by my friend, mentor and former professor.  I decided to read this straight through in a concentrated manner for impact.) Gift from the author 1998.  Portions previously read.  Rereading begun 8 June 2004, finished 22 June 2004.  Faith and Life


Warren, Rick. The Purpose Driven Church. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1995. 398p.  (Read my essay reviewing The Purpose Driven Life on this site.  See The Purpose Driven Life and my review on Amazon.com..)  Received 10 December 2003. Begun 2 February 2004, finished 13 February 2004.  Faith and Life

Wells, Spencer.  The Journey of Man:  A Genetic Odyssey.  NY:  Random House, 2003.  211p.  (An excellent reconstruction of the history of human migration based on an analysis of DNA studies made worldwide inrecent years. See my complete review of this book on this website.  See this book with my review on Amazon.)  Received Christmas 2004.  Read 26-30 December 2004.  Science (Genetics)

Whitehouse, W.A. Creation, Science and Theology: Essays in Response to Karl Barth. Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1981. 243p. Bought 1983. Begun 6 April 2004, finished 1 May 2004.  Science and Faith


Zodhiates, Spiros. The Song of the Virgin. Chattanooga, Tenn.: AMG Publishers, 1985. (Treatise on the Magnificat of Mary, and a look at the venerable role of Mary, mother of Jesus, in scripture and theology. Author is a Greek Cypriot, and the President of American Mission to Greeks.) 142p. Read 1-2 February 2004.  Faith and Life


Partial (2)


Ginzberg, Louis.  Legends of the Bible.  Old Saybrook, CT, USA:  Konecky and Konecky, 1956.  646p.  ("Variations of the stories in scriptures as told and retold in the ancient east from the days of Abraham, in synagogues and churches and the homes of a hundred generations of men."  my review of this book on this website.  See the book with my review also on Amazon.com.)  Bought and begun April 2003. Portions read in June & September 2004.  Peoples and Cultures

McGrath, Alister E., ed.  The Christian Theology Reader.  Oxford, UK:  Blackwell Publishers, 2001.  647p.  Bought June 2003.  Portions read for reference along with other texts.  Theology and Religion




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