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Prayer Meditations on
the Purpose-Driven Life

[The Qaba in Mecca] Introductory Course on Islam:
Two books, 4 Presentations   
[TXT]A Gospel for Muslims
[TXT]The Linguistic Names of God
[TXT]Names of God and Words for God:
         Thoughts on Beliefs and Usages
[TXT]A Prayer for Ramadan


[TXT]OBJ Introduction

Bibliographies of Orville's
Writings and Productions

[TXT]Techniques of Language Learning

Last updated 9 March 2018

[TXT]Christianity as an NGO
[TXT]Debts or Trespasses?
[TXT]The Family Husband Man    
[TXT]Gideon:  Hero of Ineffectiveness
[TXT]The Gift of Ears
[TXT]The Good Bad Guy – Asking the Right Question:  A New Look at The Good Samaritan
[TXT]The "Jesus Prayer"   
[TXT]Make Friends with Life
[TXT]"Not My People" Become "My People"
[TXT]Paean to Divine Oneness in the New Humanity    
Paul, the Gospels and the Ancient World of Orality: A Theology of Reading    New
[TXT]Perception and Belief    
[TXT]A Prayer for Cyprus   
[TXT]The Right Hand of Blessing
[TXT]Thomas:  The Courage to Question    
[TXT]Worship as Communication
[TXT]Why Didn't God Make Us All Happy?
[TXT]Words That Cannot be Uttered

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